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Xbox Family App Now Lets Parents Set Spending Limits

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New Xbox app for parents lets you log kids off and set time limits from  anywhere


You won't have to worry about your kids shopping for games, at least if you're part of a Windows or Xbox household. Microsoft has updated the Xbox Family Settings app with controls to manage your children's expenses.เล่นสล็อตxo ผ่านเว็บ

You can set spending limits and require children to ask for permission to purchase content when they have no funds in their account. And if you're wondering what your little ones bought, you can check out their spending history.

Microsoft presents this as a way not only to prevent runaway spending, but to reward good behavior. You can recharge an account when your child finishes their homework, or reward them with money for Minecraft extras when they pass a test.

The updated Family Settings app is now available for Android and iOS. Spending tools aren't exactly new concepts, but they could make a difference if you want to teach your kids better spending habits - or at least save yourself from nasty credit card bills.

Topic starter Posted : 15/07/2021 8:36 am