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Thousands of suspected quarantine-breakers not investigated by police

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Thousands of suspected quarantine-breakers not investigated by police



Thousands of travellers who might have breached quarantine restrictions were never investigated by Police Scotland due to a lack of accurate data.


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Nearly two-thirds of 6,780 referrals from Public Health Scotland (PHS) were "weeded out" by the force.


The police's data also revealed that more than 80% of referrals were discarded in one week in February.


The health body said all referrals had contained a Scottish address and a phone number.


The system of spot checks on people requiring to self-isolate got under way in Scotland in July last year in an effort to slow the spread of Covid, and stop new variants arriving in the country.


Passenger arrivals into Scotland are provided by the Home Office to PHS, which in turn passes a sample of the data to NHS National Services Scotland, the organisation which runs the National Contact Tracing Centre.


If the Test and Protect team are unable to reach new arrivals who should be quarantining after three phone calls, PHS then passes on their contact details to Police Scotland to investigate further.

Topic starter Posted : 16/09/2021 9:55 am