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Razer's finger sleeve wicks away thumb sweat for mobile gaming.

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Razer's finger sleeve absorbs thumb sweat for mobile gaming | Engadget


Razer is mostly known for its high-end gaming devices. But it also has a wide collection of accessories, recently released the very strange Gaming Finger Sleeve for mobile. It's designed to absorb sweat and reduce screen friction to help you stay productive when playing Fortnite and other mobile games.

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sleeves, which can be worn on the thumb or index finger Woven from nylon, spandex and conductive silver. This means it will work with most mobile devices. It also helps them absorb sweat while letting your fingers breathe. Keeps them relatively cool and dry. They're only 0.8mm thin (and hand washable), so they should be nice to the touch.

In the words of one of my colleagues "Humb sweating is real in the family," so a Gaming Finger Sleeve might be a real benefit for some. which looks as stupid as it looks It may also be of great help in particularly hot or humid environments. in any case It will mark you as a very serious mobile gamer. Now available for $10.

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