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Now brands Can support TikTok videos virally with Spark Ads.

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many products have been successful with SLOTXO popular videos. And videos that honor product virtues are real gold mines for brands. From now on, brands will be able to support these videos with TikTok's new tool, Spark Ads.

Chinese apps also have a new tool to unveil: Spark Ads. Sponsoring existing content as part of its own advertising program, “Spark Ads help brands Existing organic

videos can be extended to suit campaign objectives such as video viewing and conversion with great flexibility and performance,” TikTok said in an official statement Brands will be able to pick and choose popular TikTok videos that may be relevant to their marketing strategies.

This is a big boon for brands who will benefit from the success of these videos in reaching consumers. At the same time, it offers platform-appropriate content and functionality: “For brands looking to build a strong content strategy.



Topic starter Posted : 23/07/2021 10:00 am