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Microsoft Flight Simulator will fly on Xbox Game Pass next week.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator takes flight on Xbox Game Pass next week - CNET


Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to experience piloting their planes on slot ออนไลน์ their consoles starting Tuesday, July 27. As Microsoft Flight Simulator arrives on Xbox Series X and Series S, the surreal flight sim is the headline of the service list on Xbox One.

July, which includes Battlefield V However, you may need to clear some space on your Xbox, as it reportedly required nearly 100GB of flight sims to land on PCs last summer, and gave CNET's Dan Ackerman

a chance to build his Brooklyn apartment. Modders have also replicated a 200,000-ton cargo ship that blocked the Suez Canal for nearly a week earlier this year.

In a July 15 development update, Asobo Studio hinted that it was planning to add helicopters to the game next year. Prior to that, a free tie-in expansion for Top Gun: Maverick was coming this fall.

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