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LG claims the new 'Real Folding Window' display material is as hard as glass.

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LG introduces new foldable display tech that's hard as glass, has no  creases - news


Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 devices are doing really well in their home country. And market research group Counterpoint believes foldable shipments are likely to grow in the next few years. Foldable devices may no longer be a niche product, and LG has developed a new material that could help make that a reality. LG Chem has redesigned the cover window. That's the outermost

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part of the display that's pre-installed to prevent shock. which is said to be as hard as glass while also having the ability to prevent folding at the connected part of the device.The company calls this material. It is a "true folding window" and is made of PET film coated on both sides with a newly developed lamination technology. The cover window using LG Chem's new coating technology maximizes flexibility. While also providing optimal solutions for foldable phones,

such as improving chronic issues such as phone creases. connect parts of the screen"In addition, real folding windows can be folded both outside and inside. Unlike real folding windows that are adjusted to bend one way, LG Chem says it's thinner than tempered glass. Competitive price is available And it has been tested to withstand more than 200,000 folding times.

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