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How is China's high-speed train built?

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High-speed rail is at the foundation of China's growth strategy — Quartz


China has seen rapid growth in high-speed rail over the past decade. Independent development is the key to shake off reliance on foreign technology. Paving the way for an exit strategy

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Speed ​​486.1 kilometers per hour It could be a jet plane that glides on slotxo android comfortably. or one of China's high-speed trainsCRH380A was created by our company. A world record was set on December 3, 2010, during the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail trial," Wu Donghua,

deputy chief engineer of China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation Sifang, told CGTN during an exclusive interview.As one of the on-site engineers, Wu said he was both happy and relieved to see the success. But in the early stages of the development of China's high-speed rail It's another matter altogether.


Adaptation was a problem when we imported advanced technology from another country in 2004," the engineer said.For example, foreign flows and China's railways do not match. The engineer had to make adjustments. Try to use your own technology to fix the difference. While for Wu, it is the force that accelerates technological change.

We are alone because there are many technical problems to deal with from the imported technology," Wu said, confirming the sacrifices that hundreds of thousands of engineers have put in so much effort

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