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Doctors recommend "Diabetes-Heart" patients how dangerous it is if they are infected with "COVID-19"?

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Caution of diabetics During the COVID-19 epidemic

Due to diabetes patients It is considered a chronic disease. Good control of diabetes is <a class="waffle-rich-text-link" href=" removed link ">super slot essential. How to control diabetes is Taking medication for diabetes control should not be missed if you cannot go to the hospital as scheduled by your doctor. Self-testing of glucose levels is important. It is important to maintain a healthy body at all times. Proper exercise For strong immunity In diabetics Blood vessels are often less healthy. If you have diabetes along with other underlying diseases Should be extra careful

Heart disease vs COVID-19

Chat Thanong Yodwut, Cardiologist Bangkok Heart Hospital said that the virus was Continues to spread continuously And there is a chance of harm to various systems in the body, especially in heart disease patients who have an increased risk of dying if infected with COVID-19.

People with heart disease are not at risk of contracting COVID-19. Easier than the average person But the point is If infected, it is dangerous and symptoms are more severe with any type of heart disease if infected. The body will have a response such as high fever, substances from different cells. The immune system comes out to fight the virus Until the organs in the body become more inflamed People with heart disease, the heart muscle already have abnormal compression. If you have a serious infection May worsen the work of the heart muscle rapidly, the heart muscle weakness. Possible heart failure

The COVID-19 When entering the lungs This will cause the patient's respiratory system to have problems with normal oxygen exchange in the body. The hypoxia in the blood means that the heart has to work harder. To try to get the blood to feed the different parts Of the body the same, so in people with heart disease If infected with a virus, the symptoms will be severe. The body's work system is malfunctioning. Other system problems may follow or may require more supportive devices, such as access to the ICU, ventilator use. And the duration of hospitalization was longer than in general patients. Use of pressure stimulants Which this situation may result in various systems In the body worsens and the mortality rate is high.

The symptoms of heart disease patients If infected with COVID-19 Initially not different from common people who are infected with viruses such as fever, cough, gasp, nose, can not smell, tongue, taste, but if a patient with heart disease Having traveled to vulnerable areas Or have a history of exposure to high-risk patients Or have more symptoms of panting Increased difficulty breathing Should be examined again that Is a symptom of heart disease Or caused by infection

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