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Long-lasting Covid-19 symptoms rare in children

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Long-lasting Covid-19 symptoms rare in children



Children who become ill with สล็อต168 coronavirus rarely experience long-term symptoms, with most recovering in less than a week, research suggests.


King's College London scientists say that while a small group may experience prolonged illness, they were "reassured" that number was low.


Headaches and tiredness were the most common symptoms seen.


A Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health expert said the data reflected what doctors saw in clinics.


The study looked at 1,734 children, aged between five and 17, who were reported to have developed symptoms and tested positive for Covid between September 2020 and February 2021.


Fewer than one in 20 of those with Covid experienced symptoms for four weeks or more, with one in 50 having symptoms for more than eight weeks.

Topic starter Posted : 05/08/2021 7:37 am