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Delta variant: Which South Asian countries are seeing cases?

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Delta variant: Which South Asian countries are seeing cases?



India may be สมัครslot past the worst of its second wave of coronavirus, but some other countries in the region are still seeing case numbers rise.


So what's been happening in neighbouring states, and is the more transmissible Delta variant playing a role?


What's happened to case numbers?
In India, daily case numbers have been declining since mid-May, after rising dramatically.


Some of India's immediate neighbours - Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka - have also seen downward trends in case numbers.


Pakistan and Sri Lanka have now eased some restrictions, although Nepal continues to have restrictions in the capital, Kathmandu, where there are still high levels of infection.


But both Bangladesh and Afghanistan have seen increasing cases.


Is the Delta variant behind the rise?
The Delta variant, which is more transmissible and helped fuel a massive surge in India, has been detected in India's immediate neighbours.


In Bangladesh, the variant was first detected in early May and the latest genome sequencing data has found that 80% of cases can be traced to it.


The government has said that the variant is now dominant, and there's evidence of community transmission.


Bangladesh closed its border with India on 26 April and it continues to be shut - although some people are still allowed to cross with permission.


But there are other factors explaining the rise - poorly-implemented lockdown measures and a stalled vaccination drive.

Topic starter Posted : 16/06/2021 5:44 am