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YouTube Removes Video From Sen. Ron Johnson For COVID-19 Misinformation

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YouTube removes video from Sen. Ron Johnson for COVID-19 misinformation -  CNET


Republican Senator Ron Johnson was blocked by ทดลองเล่นสล็อต YouTube for seven days because he shared a video in which he spread misinformation about COVID-19 treatment, as reported Friday by Business Insider. called The "massive technology censorship" used the video to promote two drugs that have not been proven effective in treating COVID-19.

“We have removed the video in accordance with our policy on providing false medical information about COVID-19. which does not allow content that encourages people to use Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin to treat or prevent viruses,” a YouTube spokesperson told CNET in an emailed statement.
Video sharing sites do not allow the dissemination of false medical information

which poses a serious risk of publishing dangerous or content that conflicts with global and local health authorities regarding the treatment, transmission and prevention of COVID-19.Senator Johnson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

YouTube said in January that More than 500,000 videos have been removed for spreading false information about COVID-19. After a ban on misinformation on vaccines in October and block accounts such as One America Network for spreading such misinformation.

Topic starter Posted : 13/06/2021 9:36 am