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Your 100,000-mile flier could have serious cash value due to chip shortages.

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Your 100,000-mile clunker could be worth serious cash due to chip shortage  - Roadshow


Even the value of high-mileage cars is not immune to growth as chip shortages continue to shrink inventories.slot

The value of many commodities is rising in many sectors as demand skyrockets and supplies are reduced as economic activity resumes following the coronavirus pandemic.

Cars are not out of the question, of course, as the average price of a new car is around $ 40,000 due to the ongoing chip shortage. Naturally, buyers are increasingly looking at used cars, and even cars with over 100,000 miles have skyrocketed this year.

Cars sold at dealerships between 100,000 and 109,999 miles jumped nearly $ 4,000, according to new research by Edmunds released Wednesday. Yes, four. This is really great news if you have a high mileage car,

and really bad news if you buy a cheap set of wheels. In June 2021, the average car with a range of 100,000 to 110,000 miles cost $ 16,489, up from $ 12,626 last year. Edmunds said 

Topic starter Posted : 27/07/2021 7:56 am