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What is China's "well-off society"?

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What is China's "Xiaokang society"? - CGTN


China released a white paper reviewing China’s path towards a well-off society and improving human rights. The white paper pointed out that the realization of a well-off society in an all-round way is an all-round progress in China's protection of universal human rights and a new contribution to the cause of human rights in the world. In order to understand the details of this paper and its significance to the Chinese people,

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we invited a special guest group: Professor Fred Engst from University of International Business and Economics; Professor Zhang Chuanhong from China Agricultural University; China Securities Co., Ltd. FICC Overseas Sales and Trading Director Michael Wang and Joyview Education founder Flora Liu. These guests from different generations will share their understanding of a well-off society, their views on China’s development, and their prospects for the country’s future

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