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What city in the world has the cheapest and most expensive tap water?

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Which cities in the world have the cheapest and most expensive tap water? -  Insider Voice


From Brussels to San Francisco and from Cairo to Beirut, where in the world is the cheapest and most expensive water? Recent research has set global tap and bottled water price indices in 120 cities around the world.It's hardly going to run away from you. Of course, when you travel, the water bill will vary from country to country. In some destinations, buying bottled water is essential as tap water is not always safe to drink. But how can the cost of water differ from one destination to another?

Marketing and PR agency Sweet Spot PR has the answer in the slotxo form of research conducted with the Holidu vacation rental platform.This water price index compares the cost of tap water (drinking water) in 120 cities around the world on five continents. By comparing the% deviation from the global median. Estimates are based on monthly water supply costs in each city, up to 15 cubic meters.Oslo, Norway's capital, was ranked among the most expensive cities with water, with prices 212.24% above the global median.San Francisco (United States) and Stuttgart (Germany) were the second and third places.

There was a deviation of + 183.60% and + 164.78% respectively on the opposite side of the water supply level in Riyadh. (Saudi Arabia) had the lowest cost (-98.17% deviation from the global median) before Cairo (-96.30%) in Egypt and Karachi (-95.71%) in Pakistan.The study also looked at the prices of bottled water in each city. First, the researchers found inexpensive generic bottles of water that tourists could buy at supermarkets. Then they broke it down further, looking at the average price per bottle of the three most common water brands.

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