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Vivant budgets P5-B for power plant projects through 2023

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Cebu-based Vivant Group has allocated 5 billion pesos (capex) for Download slotxo electricity projects through 2023, with demand expected to increase as the economy reopens.Emil Andre Garcia, Vivant's senior vice president of energy business, said in a briefing that the amount is a comprehensive energy project in both conventional and renewable categories.Vivant currently has 385 megawatts of electricity capacity, 95 percent of which use conventional platforms such as diesel generators and coal power.

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however due to aggressive renewable energy goals most of that (Three-year costs) are allocated for renewable energy,” Garcia said.Vivant aims to expand its portfolio to 500 megawatts by 2023, or at least 100 megawatts over the next three years.Arlo Angelo Sarmiento, who likes Garcia sitting on Vivant's board of directors, said the peso 3 billion investment project was allocated for 2021 alone,

a significant increase from the 500 million peso budget last year. last Going forward, Vivant is looking to step up its rooftop solar business with the aim of becoming a leader in this segment.By the end of 2021, Vivant's goal is to increase the installed capacity of 10 to 11 MW of its rooftop solar system. An additional 13 MW is expected to be launched by 2022.



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