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Venture capital is probably not dead

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How a secretive hedge fund is disrupting the venture capital industry -  Axios


Venture capitalists this week discuss a recent article in The สล็อต Information titled "The End of Venture Capital As We Know It." As with almost everything you read, the article in question is a bit more nuanced than its title.

Its author, Sam Lessin, makes very good points. But I don't entirely agree with his conclusions and want to explain why.It will be fun and, because it's Friday, both relaxed and cordial. (For fun, here's a lengthy podcast I participated in with Lessin last year.)

A capital explosion

Lessin notes that venture capitalists once made risky bets on companies that have often withered away. Higher than average investment risk meant that the returns on winning bets had to be very lucrative, otherwise the risk model would have failed.

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