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Twitter Shows Privacy Ideas to Help You Switch Accounts easily set up

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Twitter shows off privacy concepts to help you switch accounts, settings  with ease - CNET


It's easier to see which account you're tweeting from. and switch between groups of สล็อต ออนไลน์ privacy settings according to your mood. If these ideas come to fruition Twitter's design team is working to make privacy settings easier to understand and accessible. Lena Emara, a product designer who works for Twitter, posted an in-progress concept image

Tuesday on the social media site. The thread discusses several possible changes. including an easier way to switch accounts Group privacy settings and customizable discovery As Emara noted at the beginning of the thread. The changes are still in the process and don't always have to see an official release. She asked for feedback on the thread as well. Because each piece has a flow

In addition to making it easier to switch between accounts. If you already have more than one account One idea will make it clearer which account you're tweeting from as you write your thoughts. Another idea will show a warning if you reply to a tweet while your account is protected. If the person you're replying to doesn't follow you You will be warned that they will not be able to see your tweets. and the prompt option to change to public profile

Topic starter Posted : 07/07/2021 7:12 am