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Twitter bought Scrolls to enable the upcoming subscription service.

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Twitter's Scroll acquisition paves way for premium subscription features -  SlashGear


Twitter's subscription plans are slowly gaining attention now, Scroll Acquires, a startup that collaborates with publishers to allow readers to view their content without ads.Scroll may play an important role in Twitter's upcoming subscription plans.The company has not yet provided clear details on how the service will work. But it has previously indicated that the Revue newsletter platform, acquired earlier this year, will feature a lot as well.Scroll, which has partnerships with publications like Vox, Rolling Stone,

BuzzFeed and a handful of slotxo local papers, can help those plans. Get started We wanted to imagine what they created to provide a smooth reading experience for an overly engaged audience and allow publishers to deliver clean content that can generate more revenue than images. “As a Twitter subscriber, images will have access to premium features where you can read articles from your favorite news sources or writers' newsletters from Revue by subscribing to them. Part of it goes

the publishers and writers who create the content.The acquisition also has an impact on another well-loved news app: Nuzzel Scroll is served, which provides an article feed based on what people you follow on Twitter shared in 2019, but this app is not included. The Scroll acquisition will shut down this week, the owner said. But a new version of the service is available, said Mike Park, vice president of product Twitter, that the company is building a team to "explore how to bring the best of Nuzzel into the world." Twitter 

Topic starter Posted : 05/05/2021 10:20 am