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TikTok celebrates the LGBTQ+ community

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TikTok celebrates Pride Month with Canada's LGBTQ+ creators


TikTok is a global entertainment platform that inspires creativity and stimulates culture. As a result, the platform strives to nurture an inclusive and diverse community within the app. It continues to work to make creators from diverse backgrounds and beliefs feel safe to express their true self.

in this june To celebrate Pride Month in 2021, เล่นสล็อต TikTok has a unique opportunity to unite the LGBTQ+ community on its platform with supporters. through various celebrations that aims to empower, educate and entertain all users. In this way, TikTok hopes to foster a more inclusive space that is truly space for all.

On TikTok, everyone is free to be.

TikTok celebrates Pride Month 2021 by elevating the conversation around its global campaign theme, 'Free to Be', meaning freedom to be yourself wherever you are. Freedom to develop into the person you should be. and enjoy Freedom to create content without judgment

It also means having the freedom to push yourself to be better in every way, including checking for bias. Learn to understand the views of others. stand up against discrimination and giving everyone the freedom to be themselves free from the pressures of society or gender norms.

Topic starter Posted : 25/06/2021 5:31 am