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At the forefront of innovation


The fifth World Intelligence Congress (WIC) will be held in the northern Chinese city of slotxo ออโต้ Tianjin in late May.WIC, now in its fifth year, is constantly updating itself. This year, in addition to a series of conferences, exhibitions, competitions and intelligent technology experiences in accordance with the epidemic control requirements, a special exhibition area will be held for the guest city and honorable country, and foreign guests will be invited. To visit the exhibition And share their wisdom In addition, the International Intelligent Sports Congress, an annual event between WIC, will join hands with the world-renowned Tencent Esports Honor of Kings regional competition in northern

China for the first time this year to explore new disciplines and attract generations. new These changes are all aligned with WIC's theme "New Era of Intelligence: Empowering New Development.WIC's original aim was to develop China's intelligence industry. As organizers gain experience and pioneer new ways of organizing Congress, it has gradually become a platform where cutting-edge technology and creativity converge, with companies from around the world playing a pivotal role. As it continues to innovate, the platform has truly fostered exchanges in the global intelligence industry and fostered deeper cooperation.

Tianjin, the host city, reflects WIC's organizing principles as one of the first industrialized cities in China, has a long history and continues to seek innovation. The Tianhe supercomputer and Brain Talker, which we presented in the previous episode, are just two of the achievements made by Tianjin innovation. In addition to the intelligence industry, the "Tianjin National IT Innovation Valley" created by the city in recent years has attracted nearly a thousand companies. RMB 100 billion in the form of "Gathering companies together, empowering by platform, driven by applications and advancing by groups" to achieve sustainable innovation.

Build a science park in the university Tianjin aims to build three municipal university-level science parks by 2023 to combine the resources of universities and other social sectors as a driving force for innovation and industrial development.WIC is a micro-expressing Tianjin and China vision to promote nationwide and global exchange, jointly promote innovation, share results and achieve win-win progress with the aim of building a community with a common future. For humanity, Tianjin and China as a whole are willing to cooperate with other countries, wish Congress every success.

Topic starter Posted : 14/05/2021 3:27 am