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The Federal Trade Commission voted unanimously

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How to identify and remove KidsGuard 'stalkerware' from your phone |  TechCrunch


The Federal Trade Commission voted unanimously to ban SpyFone, spyware maker and surveillance industry chief executive Scott Zuckerman, the first order after the agency accused the company of harvesting mobile data on thousands of people and leaving it behind. on open internet The agency said SpyFone "secretly collects and shares information about people's physical movements. using the phone and online activities through hacking of hidden devices," enabling spyware buyers to "View device's current location and view

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device users' email and video chats"SpyFone is one of those apps called "Stalkerware" marketed under the guise of parental controls But it is often used by spouses to spy on their partners. Spyware works by secretly installing on someone's phone. which is often prohibited by them. to steal messages, pictures, browsing history and real-time location data. The FTC also charges that spyware makers expose victims to additional security risks. Because spyware operates at the "root" level of the phone,

this allows the spyware to reach outside the boundaries of the device's operating system. The premium version of the app includes a keylogger and "Live screen viewing,But the FTC said SpyFone's "basic lack of security" exposed those victims' data. Due to an insecure Amazon cloud storage server that is leaking data the spyware collects from the phones of more than 2,000 victims, SpyFone said it has partnered with cybersecurity firms and law enforcement. to investigate,

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