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Stellar is adjusting to the federal government's adoption of open source IT software.

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The stars are aligning for federal IT open source software adoption


in the past few years The private sector has rejected their proprietary software. To support open source software and development guidelines For good reason: The open source road saves money and development time by using free-to-use components instead of rewriting the code. Enables new applications to be deployed quickly and eliminates merchant loginsHowever, the federal government is slower to open source.

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The transformation efforts are complicated by the fact that many entities use the same large infrastructure and IT systems to serve millions of people. and is responsible for a lot of sensitive information. Washington spends tens of billions every year on IT. but with each unit acting as its own organization Decisions are therefore much more decentralized than they are, namely big banks.

While the government has taken many steps in a more open direction in recent years, The story of open source in federal IT systems often seems more potent than it actually is.But there are several indications that this is changing and governments are tipping point in getting their own open source. The cost of producing cutting-edge applications for the increasingly digitally savvy citizen. and various departments 

Economics are all defining an increasing role for open source. As with many other benefits, its source code is publicly available. Open source software therefore encourages continuous monitoring by others outside the initial development team to promote increased software reliability and security. And the code can be easily shared for reuse by other entities.Here are five signs I see the US government. 

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