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'Splitgate' drew the 'Quake III Arena' addiction in me.

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Splitgate' brought out the 'Quake III Arena' addict in me | Engadget


I once spent my college summer doing nothing but เว็บสล็อตที่ดี playing Quake 3 Arena. Well, almost nothing. I'm an IT support worker during the day. But my nights and weekends were almost full of learning the intricacies of rail guns. rocket maneuver and creative mods (If I ruined your day at the Threewave Tournament, sorry) I have a baby now. home to take care of and an endless list of adult responsibilities. I think I've left everything behind. Then I started playing Splitgate.

At first it looks like a fairly standard free-to-play multiplayer shooter, just like the lost Halo clone a decade ago. But the turning point was that it also brought in the core mechanics from the portal. Besides your normal weapon You also have a gun that can create portals in specific areas. no matter how far apart And it's not just for teleporting. You can also peek through those portals to take out enemies that are far away.

That might seem like a small, quirky addition to the world of 4v4 online shooters, but in practice. It fundamentally changes the way we work. Being able to use the portal strategically is just as important as it is. with being a crack shot that remembers every map And of course it goes the other way too. If you can sneak attack enemies with portals. They can do the same for you. nowhere is safe

Splitgate's subtle complexity is addictive. Suddenly, walls soaring higher on the map can give you a vantage point to sneak up on forgotten enemies. Chasing through corridors can easily become wild as you jump between multiple portals. And being able to sneak up on the sniper camping by throwing a portal behind them is always satisfying.Over the years I have come across a number of snipers.

But they never scratched Quake 3 (probably because I never had enough free time to eat pizza and play all day). Battle Royale titles like PUBG and Apex Legend transform the landscape with gigantic maps featuring players. 100 people, but they felt more like a tense survival game than a big Fragfest game. They took longer to play. And a single miss can knock you out of the competition altogether. I don't know how much I missed out on a simple multiplayer shooter, a quick match game that delivers direct doses

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