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SoftBank's PayPay takes a step forward in Japan's digital payments race.

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SoftBank's PayPay surges ahead in Japan's digital payments race


For over six decades, shoppers at Mikawaya, a rice merchant in eastern Tokyo, have been paying cash. Until the salesperson from the payment app PayPay swept through the humble neighborhood. Persuade the store to try the product

The store owner said that the ทางเข้าslot customer wanted to use the service and signed up for a nearby store. PayPay's free installation offer and no management fees are too good to refuse.

Moeko Suzuki, her father's assistant running the store, said: "We thought the trial might not hurt anything," said Moeko Suzuki, her father's assistant running the store. said by standing among the sacks of rice "The number of young people has really increased."

Owned by Deep-Pocket SoftBank (9984.T), PayPay has sent thousands of leather shoe salespeople to restaurants, pharmacies and supermarkets. It attracts more than 3 million traders, an industry-leading figure in a country of about 5.3 million businesses, according to government data.

Hajime Baba, Chief Operating Officer of PayPay, said, “We have eliminated reasons such as expensive or cumbersome. to not recommend PayPay

PayPay is emerging as the main consumer driver of government-sponsored cash withdrawal. As Japan faces a growing labor shortage problem. and the need for social distancing during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Delayed Payments SoftBank Pushes PayPay Through Cashback Campaign In one notable example, it gave 10 billion yen ($90 million) in 10 days.

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