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SMDC's ICE Tower Residential Office

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SMDC's ICE Tower Residential Offices | Inquirer Business


Empowering Enterprise, Enabling Entrepreneurs.เกมสล็อตxo

success is an iceberg What people see is superficial,” says Time magazine writer Alex Altman. Its peak juts out from the vast ocean. but below is invisible. It is what brings it to the top:


hard work, sacrifice, discipline, perseverance, rejection, failure, and risk. Small crystals of triumph and tribulation gradually gathered and gathered momentum. Forms an iceberg of success: tough, tough, fracture-resistant. This success is every entrepreneur's dream and SMDC is helping to achieve it.

An environment that allows you to live and work well.

Like the iceberg, SMDC's ICE Tower Residential-Offices (RESOs) are a symbol of every entrepreneur's success. Well thought out of sleek, modern living and designated comfortable yet professional workspaces:


residential and office reception areas. Lounge area for business and customers A personal space designed to control the use of natural light and ventilation.

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