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Scientists discover an ancient Roman road that was sunk in the Venetian lagoon.

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Scientists discover ancient Roman road submerged in Venice lagoon - CNET


New research suggests that Even before the discovery of SLOT XO Venice in the 5th century, extensive Roman settlements could have been formed in the Venetian lagoon.

Researchers have uncovered artifacts and remnants of a Roman-era road in Venice's famous lagoon. In Roman times, the area of ​​the present-day submerged lagoon was accessible by land,

however, it was unclear as far as human possession. area at that time The latest discovery was made by researchers from the Italian Academy of Marine Sciences and discussed in scientific reports.

This is done by mapping the lake floor using sonar. Researchers discovered 12 archaeological structures in the Treporti Channel, located within the lake. These structures were found to be positioned in a northeast direction at a distance of 1,140 meters (about 3,740 feet) and 2.7 meters high and 52.7 meters long.

An earlier survey of the opening found stones similar to those used by the Romans to build them. This led researchers to believe that these stones could be laid along Roman roads.

Topic starter Posted : 25/07/2021 4:42 am