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The gaming industry is booming and shrinking at the โหลดสล็อต same time. As the biggest companies open their checkbooks and gobble up all their competitors, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Electronic Arts have poured huge sums to buy even household names in the world of development and publishing. Even major publishers like ZeniMax are not immune to the huge amount of cash being thrown around the industry right now. This makes the Embracer story even more interesting. Because a lot of game developers are buying into trying to build something that's too big for any other company to swallow.

Embracer was founded in 2008 by Swedish entrepreneur Lars Wingefors, who previously founded the physical store Nordic Games. nordic game publisher which was known at that time has published the first game by making a small but orderly amount of money in the process. In 2011, the company acquired the assets of JoWooD Entertainment. An Austrian publisher after bankruptcy, in 2013 the company did the same thing as THQ when it filed for Chapter 11, buying some of its assets. And a year later it rebranded itself as THQ Nordic. It went public, continually raising cash from investors to help it buy other companies that would come under its umbrella.

In 2018, THQ Nordic acquired Koch Media, the entertainment company that owns Deep Silver and other media later that year. The company has acquired Coffee Stain Studios and has pledged to operate both Deep Silver and Coffee Stain as independent businesses. But it won't be until 2019, when THQ Nordic (parent company) rebrands itself as Embracer, that the company's fierce wheelchair battles begin in earnest. As of mid-2019, Embracer has bought or invested in nearly 30 developers and publishers.

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