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Large Unknown Large Cambrian Bug Fossil Found in The Eerie Burgess Shale

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A Huge, Unknown Cambrian Bug Fossil Has Been Found in The Eerie Burgess  Shale


in the midst of a swarm of little surreal Running and swimming on Earth 500 million years ago, a giant appearedTitanokorys gainesi, newly discovered in the Burgess Shale fossil form, is probably the Cambrian colossus, measuring about half a meter (1.64 feet) long. But at times when almost everything else was less than a fifth of that size. It was unusual.Paleontologist Jean-Bernard Caron of the Royal Ontario Museum said:

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The sheer size of this animal is absolutely unbelievable. "This is one of the largest animals of the Cambrian period ever found." (Jean-Bernard Caron/Royal Ontario Museum)The Cambrian period was a pivotal period in Earth's history. Approximately 541 million years ago, over a period of approximately 25 million years, almost all major animal life appeared on the scene suddenly in an event known as the Cambrian explosion.

as seen before or since But the many creatures that emerged are really quite strange. At least compared to today's thriving life, tiny worms, legless worms. strange jelly This strange thing - if you go back in time You would be forgiven for thinking you were taken to an alien world.We know about these animals because their imprints have been preserved as fossils in ancient shale beds. And perhaps the most well-known is the Burgess Shale in Canada. It was here that Caron and his colleagues Paleontologist Joe Moysiuk of the Royal Ontario Museum found traces of several new beasts.

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