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Facebook has lost its bid to block a potentially massive shift to EU data sharing.

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Facebook loses bid to block a potentially major change to EU data sharing -  Verve times


Ireland's High Court has lifted Facebook's bid to block EU privacy regulations created by the slotxo ผ่านเว็บ Ireland's Data Protection Committee (IDPC), which could block the flow of information from the EU to the United States, The Times reports. Wall Street Journal Facebook appealed the order for the first time as it claimed that the EU's commission and other privacy regulators acted too quickly and did not give the company the right time to respond.

Facebook also told The Verge the statement. The IDPC's privacy statement "will hurt the European economy." Ireland officials apparently did not disclose the same concerns.IDPC originally created a new privacy directive because Facebook and other international companies frequently store EU residents' data on US servers, potentially exposing them to further surveillance. If EU regulators decide to sided with IDPC, it will be the first major action against Privacy Shield, a protocol that allows information sharing.

The Commission remains to submit a final draft of the directive to the EU's privacy regulator. But if approved, it could have far-reaching implications for any company doing business online across the Atlantic. According to the journal, the directive could force Facebook to hide information it collects from its users in the EU or stop its service altogether in those countries.

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