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Chinese goods were pulled from Amazon.

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Prime today, gone tomorrow: Chinese products get pulled from Amazon |  TechCrunch

If you've ever purchased a power bank, water bottle, toy, or other everyday item on เล่น xo Amazon, your supplier is from China. Analysts expect a share of Chinese merchants representing 75 percent of Amazon's new sellers in January, up from 47 percent a year earlier, according to e-commerce research firm Marketplace Pulse.Chinese sellers flock to not only Amazon, but also Alibaba's eBay, Wish, Shopee and AliExpress. The rapid growth is partly due to fierce domestic competition in China's online retail world, which has forced merchants to seek new markets. Traditional shippers turned to e-commerce, cutting off excessive distributors. Businesses are fascinated by the story that the most expensive real estate in Shenzhen, an expensive city known for its technology and manufacturing, now belongs to those who make money from e-commerce exports.

But rapid optimism among cross-border communities has come to a halt as many of China's top sellers have disappeared from Amazon in the past few days, said Juozas Kaziukenas, founder of Marketplace Pulse, for at least 11 accounts.Multiple accounts belong to the same parent company, which is common for large sellers with over a million dollars annually to run multiple brands onAmazon to optimize sales.TechCrunch has reached out to Mpower and Aukey, whose Amazon store has disappeared and are two of the most successful brands in the American market.In total, the suspended account contributed over a billion dollars in gross merchandise value (GMV) to Amazon, Casio Kenas said.Amazon did not comment on the status of suspended accounts.

But it said in a TechCrunch statement that it has "a long policy to protect the integrity of our stores, including the authenticity of our products, genuine reviews and products that meet customer expectations.We act swiftly against those violating those rights, including suspending or removing sales rights," an Amazon spokesperson said.Chinese e-commerce exporters were shocked by an incident within the WeChat group where hundreds of sellers traded their normal business strategies, anxiety was overwhelming, and the consensus was that target sellers had "crossed the line" in action. Suspicious platform practices Amazon said it would share direct enforcement of account sales.This isn't the first time Amazon has shut down accounts for bogus reviews and other violating behaviors, but the wave is unprecedented," said Bill Zhang, developer and exporter of smart training kits through Amazon.

There is no doubt that Amazon needs Chinese suppliers for affordable and versatile products whose average quality has increased significantly in recent years. But as competition grows among Chinese sellers, the black hat strategy commonly used in Chinese e-commerce becomes essential to survive on Amazon.It is a secret to reveal that many Chinese sellers are very aggressive towards marketing," said Cameron Walker, who worked at export fairs in China for more than a decade before starting a toy export business.One of the most common tactic used by Chinese sellers is to manipulate reviews that affect the product listing on Amazon.This is done by paying real buyers to leave positive reviews or submit fake orders and express their opinions. Good reviews through zombie accounts.The latter approach is usually assigned to an agent who calls himself a service. "Product Reviews", which contains a set of resources for impersonating real accounts: proxy, IP, virtual credit card, foreign address, any credentials that can help avoid Amazon fraud suspicion. Catch said the payment service executive, which works closely with Chinese exporters, 


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