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Biden wants solar to provide 45% of US energy by 2050

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Biden wants solar to provide 45% of US energy by 2050




The Biden administration said on Wednesday (Sep 9) the United States should aim to garner nearly 50 per cent of its electric supply from solar energy by mid-century, unveiling the latest component of its climate change strategy.


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A report released by the Department of Energy (DOE) said solar could account for much as 40 per cent of the power supply by 2035 and 45 per cent by 2050, up from its current level of just 3 per cent.


However reaching this level would require the United States to quadruple its annual solar capacity additions, the department said in a statement.


This future also depends on extensive public investments in a power grid originally built for power from coal and natural gas, as well as policy changes to disincentivise carbon-based energy, the department added.


The report comes as President Joe Biden presses for aggressive action on climate change and renewable energy as Congress debates massive proposals to overhaul the country's infrastructure against a backdrop of worsening tropical storms and forest fires in the United States.


It also comes on the heels of a White House announcement last month that set a 2030 target for half of all cars sold in the United States to be zero-emission - another bold goal that will depend on a confluence of public policies, private sector investments and consumer preference to become a reality.


As with other ambitious climate targets such as "Net zero" emissions by 2050, Biden's solar goals are "aspirational not practical", said Dan Pickering, founder of Pickering Energy Partners in Houston.

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