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Author R.L. Stine in Search of a New Terrifying Generation

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Fear Street: Author R.L. Stine on finding a new generation to terrify - CNET


Horror author talks about Fear Street on เกมยิงปลา Netflix and how podcasts can improve children's literacy For children's horror writer R.L. Stine, there's nothing better than haunting the kids of the '90s. He chilled a generation with his books, Goosebumps and Fear Street, but these days, fear comes in podcasts.

Fear Street Netflix Trilogy

Stine's old books are still finding new life as they continue to be adapted for the big and small screens more than 30 years after they were published: The Original Goosebumps Series in the Ages. 90,

two new movies starring Jack Black in late 2010 and three - partial movie series based on his book Fear Street coming to Netflix in July.I think people who read those books are going to be shocked by the movies because they are rated R,” Stein told me. “The scream was very loud. The children are all dead.

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