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Audi showcases the Sphere concept for performance, luxury and urban mobility.

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Audi teases Sphere concepts for performance, luxury and urban mobility -  Roadshow


The Sky Sphere, Grand Sphere, and Urban Sphere each have certain elements to define Audi said it was already destined for the future. So there's no need to keep trying, I'm kidding, and it's not that easy. But with the concept of Audi Sphere, the luxury brand says this is the direction of the brand's future. And we'll see three cars revealed next year.

The brand mocked Sky Sphere, Grand Sphere and Urban Sphere in a LinkedIn post last week on the ทางเข้า slotxo company's chief designer Marc Lichte's personal page, a strange place to promote a new concept car. However, Lichte and Audi senior vice president Henrik Wenders spent a few minutes discussing the idea. Each of the three cars remained under their coats. but a simple sketch The show lets us know what will happen.

The Sky Sphere looks a lot like a coupe. and when observing from the name Could be a convertible A simple drawing shows a very low-roofed car with a long hood and beautiful proportions. Even under the slab it looks slick. The Grand Sphere sounds like a coupe with all the usual luxury goods packed in it for a Grand Tourer experience.

Topic starter Posted : 08/07/2021 7:39 am