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Apple's macOS Monterey Public Beta Now Available

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macOS Monterey: How To Download The Public Beta & Getting Started


While iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 are Apple's flagship software this year, there's still a lot to look forward to in เล่นสล็อต macOS Monterey, and you'll be able to experience it for the first time today with the release of the MacOS Monterey public beta. You can sign up for it at Apple's beta software page.

Apple's new operating system includes a greatly redesigned version of Safari. which combines tabs and menu options into one compact bar. including improved FaceTime features and the ability to enjoy media with friends.

There's also Universal Control, a feature that unfortunately isn't in this public beta. It finally lets you control your Mac and iPad with just one keyboard and mouseeven without universal control But public betas still give us a feel for what Apple's latest operating system is all about. The new Safari,

in particular, will take some getting used to. (Though it's not a huge difference in iOS 15.) And it's nice that Apple has finally given FaceTime some new capabilities, even though many of them mimic zoom. You can also test AirPlaying audio with macOS, as well as easier automation capabilities with shortcuts.

Topic starter Posted : 02/07/2021 7:34 am