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Afghanistan 2001-2021: Poppies Bloom

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Afghanistan 2001-2021: The poppies blossom - CGTN


Looking Through the Lens: Afghanistan 2001-2021" We dive into the scars that war has left in the country. and the fear, anger, and resilience of the Afghans. Our third article focuses on the country's rural economy and its leading cash crop - the opium poppy. You can find the first and the second here.Tall and seductive, this poppy has bright red petals and a black heart. But don't be fooled by its mesmerizing appearance. After drying or boiling it into a thick paste and mixed with lemon and activator in hot water.

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The soft flowers become morphine base, which is made into heroin by the chemical tint.The poppy fields have a long history in Afghanistan. For decades, foreign aggression and civil conflict have given rise to a mature industry of opium cultivation and the drug trade. With arable land beginning in the 1950s, the sector flourished in the 80s amid the uproar after the Soviet withdrawal. In 2000, the country's poppy accounted for 72 percent of the world's illegal opium.

the industry went through a pause in 2001, which hit a record low. After the Taliban cracked down on opium production with religious orders in July 2000 declaring that poppy cultivation They are "non-Islamic", while some experts say they seek universality. righteousness by doing so The downtrend abruptly ended the Sept. 11 attacks, which killed about 3,000 people and prompted Washington to impose counter-terrorism initiatives in the name of the "war on terror". has overthrown the Taliban regime Afghanistan is once again covered in ashes.

Corrupt officials, warlords, drug dealers and armed groups benefit from the chaos. Stimulating the resurgence of the opium industry with complex and unstable land ownership and management Most of the poor farmers have no land rights. therefore being driven to work on poppy fields to earn a living That further exacerbates the cycle of poverty in rural Afghanistan. In particular, exposing women and children to exploitation. In addition, structural unemployment has put more pressure on the business.

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