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What will happen to the gas station in the future?

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What is the Future of the Gas Station? | ArchDaily


How complicated the answer is than selling a Tesla?


The future of slotxo gas stations may be one big idea: a move back to when they were called "Service stations," and re-think that represents 150,000 of the leading US properties today.The National Convenience Store Association says 120,000 so-called "C" stores also sell fuel, which makes up most of the gas stations. While gasoline gets you into the C shop, it actually makes business work. But all businesses are starting to look like a house of cards when you keep threat intelligence.Boston Consulting Group calculates that between 25% and 80% of gas stations may be unprofitable by 2035.Electric vehicle sales will surpass clean-burning cars by 2030, according to BCG, Volvo will be pure electric brands by 2030,

General Motors by 2035, California and Washington have plans to end sales of motorized vehicles. The new combustion process by 2035 and 2030, respectively, and the governors of 12 states signed a letter demanding President Biden to enact legislation. Prohibition of burning throughout the country And while we think pure EV is a threat to gas stations But hybrids also destroyed gas consumption.Extending your work from home permanently should significantly reduce the driving distance. (Unless they do the opposite), and while some gas stations generate income from car maintenance and EV smog testing, little is required and none. In addition to the changes in cars, there are other pressures: local bans on new or improved gas stations, and expanding food and food delivery services,

which could connect people to them. It is more efficient than all of us in our own car journeys.But there are plenty of routes for gas stations, many of which are centered around the concept of a revamped service basket.BCG suggests a few gas stations that can be more responsible for their fate:Increase charging This is a clear move. But it's not as easy as it sounds, given the need for infrastructure and a huge difference in lane times and throughput.Digitize Any chipotle that has been a decade ahead of any gas station when it was digital. Even something as simple as ordering something from Shop C to have it taken out for you at the station can start repositioning the gas station.Mobile refueling, Amazon can deliver it to the trunk of your car. Can the gas station be delivered to the gas cap? There are technical and regulatory barriers.

But if we learn anything in 2020, that delivery has an unlimited future.Add experience Adding boring, smelly petrol to gasoline is boring. Turn over that model to make the overall service kit a tempting appeal, where liquid and electric fueling is just a key peripheral. Premium cozy restaurants, Amazon lockers and drop-off locations, a dark kitchen for food delivery, or all three are just a few ideas for A real "service station" that is suitable for real estate.One option that I didn't like was converting the gas station into an EV battery swap station.The idea was elegant and the most direct analogue to traditional fill, but both the Better Place start and later Tesla pulled the plug as well. Attempts to get a car to exchange for a new battery in minutes. It requires more harmony and standards than is possible in the EV industry right now.

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