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your vehicle has run into certain issues and diagnostics show that you need a 2000 plymoth breeze cirrus Powertrain Control Module, PCM, substitution. You choose to investigate your motor PC so you can perceive what should be requested. Shockingly, there is by all accounts a few numbers on your PC. Which number do you use? Requesting some unacceptable part will prompt an exercise in futility and cash. We'll show you the area of the right part number for your Chrysler PCM. As you can see to one side, there are typically different numbers and labels on these 4 fitting PCs.   
Chrysler 2003 town and country   
These Engine Computers will quite often have a Daimler Chrysler Part Number on a greater sticker. It trails P/N and for this situation, the part number peruses "05150301AE". This is the Hardware Part Number that assigns a bunch of these sorts of PCs. This isn't the number that you should look for. It could in fact accommodate your vehicle, yet it's possible it won't assist your vehicle with getting and running. The S/N (Serial Numbers) that are shown is likewise not valuable as they're just for the maker's own records.   
Chrysler Part Number Location 2   
The number you really need is the Software Part Number which replaces the first Hardware Part Number after the update. This number is on a different sticker from the Daimler Chrysler P/N. There ought to be a sticker with the words "Approved Software Update" on it. This is the label that you need. Once more, you overlook the "Module S/N", just as the "SEQUENCE#". You will typically discover the Part Number after "Module P/N" under the "Approved Software Update" line. The PN is even shown twice to ensure you got it right.   
Chrysler 300 pcm reset Part Number Location 3   
On the upper right, as found in the image, you'll see the Part Number again however in a greater textual style. For this situation, the part number for our PCM is "68054123AC". Finding the area of the correct part number for a 2 Plug Chrysler PCM, then again, is more straightforward.   
2 Plug Chrysler PCM   
From the outset, you will probably see a bunch of numbers scratched into the instance of the PCM, as seen beneath, and believe that one of these numbers is the thing that you need.   
They're all off-base! The number you need will be on the littlest side of the motor PC. There'll be a couple of numbers there that are marked. Of course, overlook the 1999 town and country   
S/N. Over that will be the Chrysler P/N. The number after this is the thing that you should look for.   
The 2001 pt cruiser transmission control module is rehashed to one side of the first, despite the fact that it has distinctive size text styles for the first and second 50% of the part number. For this situation, our part number is "05293014AC". Here and there, these PCMs can have approved programming refreshes also and will have stickers set on top of their unique Part Number sticker.   
Simply keep similar standards as in the past and you ought to have no issue finding the area of the correct Part Number. When you track down this number, it's an ideal opportunity to look for your substitution PCM. On the off chance that you need a substitution Chrysler PCM, investigate our index.



2000 plymoth breeze
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