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What is the situation in Europe?

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What is the situation in Europe?



As we've mentioned, เกม slot German Chancellor Angela Merkel suggested earlier this week all EU countries should make British travellers quarantine on arrival to slow the spread of the Delta variant.


The number of coronavirus cases is rising in the UK, with 16,703 reported on Thursday - a week earlier 11,007 cases were recorded.


Currently, people travelling from the UK to Greece, Spain and Portugal are not required to quarantine when they get there.


But those going to Italy have to self-isolate for five days then take a test, while fully-vaccinated UK visitors to France can enter without quarantining.


In Europe, lockdowns are gradually being eased as the summer tourist season gets under way, and there are plans for an EU-wide digital vaccination certificate to be in place by 1 July.

Topic starter Posted : 26/06/2021 8:59 am