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Studies show that sperm frozen in space can successfully fertilize rats on Earth.

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Japanese researchers have successfully<a href=" removed link ">slotxoproduced healthy biceps from frozen sperm that have been stored on the International Space Station (ISS) for nearly 6 years.

The sperm was freeze-dried and sent to the International Space Station in 2013. Freeze-drying is the process of removing water from a frozen substance to enable it to survive. long time

When the sperm is brought back to Earth and freezes It was able to give birth to 168 healthy biceps, the researchers said. There is little difference between mice born with space sperm and mice born with normal sperm on Earth.

Teruhiko Wakayama, a developmental biologist at Yamanashi University of Japan. The study's lead author, published in the journal Science Advances, told France's AFP news agency about the experiment. "All the rats were normal," and when researchers examined the mice's genes, they found no abnormalities.

Researchers sent three containers containing 48 freeze-dried semen samples to the International Space Station in 2013. can survive at room temperature for up to a year before delivery part on the International Space Station The samples were kept in a freezer at -95 °C.

After that, all samples were returned to Earth at different times. The first batch was returned after nine months on the International Space Station. The second set was returned after two years. When the last batch was returned to Earth in June 2019, the sample spent five years and 10 months in space. The samples were injected into the female mouse's egg cells. and implanted in the mother mouse's ovary

The experiment aimed to find out if prolonged exposure to radiation in space would damage the DNA in the germ cells or cause the baby to mutate. The same could be a problem for humans in the future. If space exploration is greatly expanded And as a result, large populations have to live on other planets.

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