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Lockdown: Are people breaking Covid rules?

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Lockdown: Are people breaking Covid rules?



Health Secretary Matt Hancock has เล่นสล็อต urged people to "stay at home and reduce all social contact that is not absolutely necessary".


But are people acting on his advice and how does their behaviour compare with previous lockdowns?


What does the data show?
People are leaving their homes more than during the first days of the March lockdown, according to data from several sources.


Apple, Google and the Department for Transport all collect "mobility data".


Google does it by recording the location histories on people's mobile devices, while Apple records how many people are asking for directions. The Department for Transport uses different metrics, including traffic cameras and ticket sales.


They then take that data and compare how different it is to a national "baseline" established in early 2020, before the pandemic started


The Google and Department of Transport data covers England, Scotland and Wales, while the Apple data also includes Northern Ireland.


We are looking at this data relative to English lockdown rules.


Are more people breaking the rules then?
It's important to note that increased levels of activity - compared with the first lockdown - don't necessarily mean more people are flouting the rules.


More things are open now compared with March last year, including nurseries, garden centres and estate agents. This could explain why more people are going to work.


And while these numbers suggest more movement, the Office for National Statistics' weekly survey (conducted over the Christmas period) on attitudes to coronavirus, suggests almost 80% of people in Great Britain still support restrictions.

Topic starter Posted : 08/06/2021 4:57 am